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What exactly is a Personal Domain?

If you're looking for a perfect brand name for your small business or new entrepreneurial ideas, it's a good idea to use your name in place of a current business name.  By using a personal domain, it can be in place of the current URL you are currently using for you social media accounts.  Example, instead of using facebook.com/johnsmith.com it can now be johnsmith.com.

A few questions and answers

What is a personalized domain? +

Controlling your online identity is crucial to the ability to use your name in your URL is huge for personal branding.  Now if you register www.YourName.net or www.Yourname.org, for example, you can use these domains in place of your current social media urls for a more professional look.  Of course, you can use a business name as well it's just awesome because now it personalized just for you.

The benefits of connecting to your social media accounts? +

Connecting your personal domain to your social media accounts is perfect for people that have not yet built a website or simply just want to use your their social media accounts of their primary source of exposure.  Many social media accounts now have the ability to shop and send messages from their social media accounts.  It's a no-brainer to use your personalized domain for these accounts.

Why it's a good idea to have a personalized email address linked to your personal domain. +

Many people online when starting a business will use a Gmail, Hotmail or other types of email accounts for there website contact us.  Instead, if you're already using a personal domain, you should get real professional and use a personalized email address as well for instance you@yourdomain.com.

What if I don't want to link my personal domain to my social media account any longer. +

Now that you have a website built you might want to use your personal domain for that new site.  Simply go to your influx marketing system (IMS) dashboard and change where you would like it linked to.  If you would like another personal domain purchase another with IMS and now you will have two personalized accounts ready for success with your business or project.

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