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Influx Marketing System What we do!

If I sat here and told you I created my empire posting pictures on social media and uploading videos to YouTube you might believe me, but the truth is I didn’t.

If you follow any influential Entrepreneur you will hear the truth; which is they worked assiduously to achieve their goals. This is true to my success story, an accomplishment that I am most proud of and one that I have dedicated to helping and empowering my clients and the online community.

For the next few days I will be working with you in developing an ideal blueprint that works, using what you may know as
Affiliate Marketing.

This means you will be offering a product and service that is already built for you. All you need to do is market and promote this built in system along with your own personal brand/niche. So if you are a Motivational Speaker, Artist, Real Estate Agent, Health Advisor, Mompreneur, Dadpreneur, Business Owner or Network Marketer (you get the drift), this will help to propel your business to levels that you’ve thought of, and is struggling to achieve.

BONUS: You can pay it forward by doing the same for your own community, friends, family and peers.

What we offer is simple and well needed in our industry:

Web services for local businesses and Entrepreneurs.

We offer Website Development, Marketing Consulting, Logo & Graphic Designs, Business Coaching, Webmaster Administrative Services and Website Repairs.

Your start-up investment is $500 then $9.97 Monthly
The url you will be promoting will be cookied and linked to you for life.

We will be tracking your progress using a probationary period worksheet and you will be assigned your own personal coach/ mentor to follow up with you as needed on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. When you decide to JUMP at this opportunity, this is what you will be privileged to be exposed to, knowing and understanding how to find, attract, offer, grow and/or expand your brand.

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